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Dave Cooper Bike Racks have been building the best quality motorcycle car mounts in the market for over 30 years and today offer a wide range of models to fit any bike, cycle or quad to any car, van or motor home.

Designed originally for Dave’s personal use then developed and delivered to customers across the UK and Europe for over 30 years, our bike racks are synonymous with quality, flexibility and most importantly, the kind of well thought out practicality that can only come from another biker. We are proud of our range of bike racks and trailers, constantly coming up with new ideas and features and always happy to add bespoke requirements to any of them. Click on any of the products to find more details, specifications and prices.

Whatever your bike transport requirements, from road motorcycles to dirt bikes, racing cycles, mountain bikes, scooters and even quads and buggies, at Dave Coopers we have the perfect bike rack car mount or trailer for your requirements. Contact us today to learn more about our products or to place an order with our team.

Our range of clip on, adjustable bike racks


Junior motorbike car rack
For 50cc - 80cc and kid’s bikes


Senior motorcycle car rack
For 85cc - 600cc dirt bikes (max 130kg)


Van / motor home bike rack
Leaves room for a trailer tow


4-x4 bike transport mount
Accommodates rear mounted spare tyres


Car mount for scooters
With clip on loading ramp supplied


Bicycle racks for transport
Carry up to four mountain bikes or cycles


Bike, quad and golf buggy trailer transport

Lightweight single bike trailer
150kg load for small engine and dirt bikes


Lightweight double bike trailer
350kg load for dirt bikes and trials bikes


Lightweight double or single bike trailer
350kg load for two small or one large bike flexibility


Lightweight treble bike trailer
400kg load for children’s and small bikes


Collapsible single motorcycle trailer
150 or 220kg load capacity fits in your boot or out of the way in the garage


Deluxe single motorbike trailer
190mm wide channels to fit sports bikes to 300kg with 8” wheels


Deluxe double motorbike trailer
500kg capacity with 10” wheels


Deluxe double or single motorbike trailer
Up to 500kg for two or single two for one motorbike trailer


Deluxe treble motorbike trailer
Up to 600kg with 10” wheels


Deluxe quad bike trailer
350kg capacity with 8” wheels, for quad bikes of all kinds


Golf buggy trailers
Take your own golf buggy to the course with our custom designed trailer